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    Domestic Flooring

    Acoustic technical advice from our experienced team will ensure your domesic project complies with all building requirements.

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Would you like to know more about our products?

Hush Acoustic UK specialises in a soundproofing & sound absorption products for domestic and commercial industries.

Speak to an acoustic consultant now or browse our range of acoustic soundproofing products below:

Residential Sound Reduction

Hush Acoustic UK manufacture and provide sound reducing products for residential buildings including holiday dwellings, hostels, hotels and university halls of residence to name a few. Our sound reduction systems provide sound insulation to create a peaceful environment for you and your guests.

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Our soundproofing materials allow educational settings to utilise acoustic floor solutions such as acoustic flooring underlay and sound insulation materials. Ideal for ensuring noise doesn’t impair learning, our sound reduction services work with schools, nurseries, universities and sports halls. Connect with Rob Crampton about turn key products for this sector

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Often, leisure businesses have legal noise levels to adhere to. Our soundproof flooring, wall sound insulation and sound insulation between floors minimises disruption to neighbouring residents or businesses. Acoustic insulation can be particularly beneficial in businesses such as nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, bars, sports centres and exhibition centres.

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Healthcare services require privacy and provide a feeling of safety to their clients. In these busy environments acoustic flooring solutions can aid their sound reduction, providing quiet for visitors. Our floor soundproofing and sound absorbing materials work to drastically decrease noise in hospitals, hospices, surgeries, psychiatric homes and health farms.

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With deliveries, machinery and high traffic volumes industry can produce a lot of noise. Floating flooring, acoustic floor battens and resilient bars help reduce noise from inside the structure of the building. Soundproofing floors reduces noise for both yourselves and any neighbours, and helps you business adhere to any noise pollution guidelines.

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Domestic Sound Proofing

Unlike new builds, many houses we currently live in weren’t designed to embrace sound proofing. Whether you’re renovating the old, or designing the new, acoustic floor boards and sound reduction products will decrease noise in your home. Sound reduction systems can be utilised for just one room or the entire house; we can meet your requirement.

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